Turf Projects & White Pube - Notes on a crit & How to get an Exhibition!

By christinaillenapeake, Oct 22 2018 06:12PM

I have been attending the free crit sessions provided by Turf Projects when I can the last few months. Whenever I do attend the level of professionalism and the quality of the work shown just makes me want to smile. It takes balls to present your work and more balls to hear the critiscism. I hate attending crits but I love to hear how artists' think and what they are thinking about. Its work in progress most of the time and its rare to see that private time. I value seeing that private time and aspiration for the final work.

There is usually a workshop to follow and these cover every aspect of the practical workings of being an artist like public speaking to the workshop I attended on the weekend on, 'How to get an exhibition' based on a text provided by the White Pube founders who led the crit and the workshop that day. I took a pic of my notes. I have that private blush on listening to their guidance and/or criticism where I think, that could be better, I'm doing that, okay forgot about that??! Basically trying to always perfect what you do but at the same time these are usually the aspects that I find the most difficult and find the hardest to learn and adapt to how I need to use them. I am not the best at social media as I prefer one to one with people. Life is so hectic working part time, having an art practice and then looking after your family and trying to, you know, just sleep. Jesus sleep is so good when done right! I literally loose years on my face that to sit and go throughSM accounts is the last thing I want to do. I wanna just chill with something funny, have a cuddle and kiss and relax with my family or some thriller stuff that I loose myself in.

It was a thrill this Saturday to participate though and I sincerely thank the people that made that possible at Turf and the White Pube free of charge no less. I really appreciate your time. See you next time.