SKETCHBOOK VII - Artweek. I:54 & Frieze Masters

By christinaillenapeake, Oct 18 2018 03:46PM

I loved Frieze Masters! For my practice being able to see so many pieces from cultures all over the world to ancient civilisations had my head spinning with ideas and fascination. I think the aspect that fascinates me the most is how contemporary these pieces look. Yes they maybe museum quality pieces but the aesthetic quality of them I find astonishing. There were Egyptian vases and bowls and I wondered for the life of me how it is possible to carve these pieces out of slabs of rock. The technology and dedication to their respective cultures and in many cases aspects of devotion are beyond remarkable. There were quite alot of war clubs that I saw. I remember looking at these things thinking 1. they are beautiful but 2. how many heads have been bashed in by these things? If tested would you find blood residue? There was a throwing club that I assume was lobbed through the air to take you out. Jesus that thing was solid. And that was your coller bone or hip gone!

I uploaded images of the Peruvian stand that had amazing tunics and textiles that they exhibited beautifully as artworks in their own right. Indian miniatures and the Haitain artworks from the Gallery of Everything that I still need to see the rest of the work at their gallery in Marlybone. Haiti is a country I would love to visit and run a project there. The history is remarkable. The only successful slave rebellion in history took plae their that was a key work by C. L. R. James, prolific Caribbean writer, titled 'The Black Jacobins' (1938) who wrote Beyond a Boundary (1963) another on the reading list. I mean every European superpower of the age tried to jump that tiny island but they said non in no uncertain terms.

I also visited the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair at Somerset House. I was knackered by that point but again alot of really interesting pieces. There was this set of paintings that looked like cave paintings and the artist had used natural pigments. I have reading quite alot about cave paintings and the conversation surrounding their production and the consumption of psychedelics and it is a fascinating read. The more I read about these drugs and their effects especially the treatments of mental illnesses such as PTSD is heartwarming from my point. I've had PTSD and it took a long time to recover from it, over a year in fact as I dealt with the trauma through counselling.

I usually can feel quite intimidated when going to galleries and seeing work as I want to be as strong as the work that bowls me over in the space but I came away this year just buzzing with ideas and proud that this is my profession and thinking where do you want to go next Mama?

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