Laydeez Do Comics Artist's Talk @ Koppel Project, 12th November 2018

By christinaillenapeake, Nov 18 2018 08:44AM

I was so nervous about giving this talk. Sharing the initimacy of my practice meaning the intimacies of my experiences and vulerabilities. This talk specifically was about an idea that I first discussed at the Laydeez Do Comics festival earlier in the year at a review session with Wallis Eates. She was amazing and most importantly encouraging that the idea I had presenteed for the 'Deep Deep Light Blue' of 'DDLB' actually had some weight to it. Because it has to have weight otherwise it doesn't merit the amount of hours when you could be sleeping, chilling or spending time with the family. And she confirmed what I suspected that it did.

In the presentation I outlined my idea and the projects that have come to inform this fiction in my head and I think it well. I recorded the session. As I recorded every practice of the presentation that came before. I am going to put it on the website but you know what the strangest thing was from practicing and feeling like this was the stupidest thing to do as I was unable to articulate myself, to now wanting triple the time of 20 minutesto do it all again but this time go deeper. Deeper into everything. Fieldwork as critical part of practice, observation, the politics and terms of engagement, artist as commuicator, art and ecology and/or creative ecology, research, intervention,commitment and the evolution of practice. Everything. I want to talk about everything that has been in my head and I am stating to wonder if maybe people might beinterested as they seemed to be that night.

I had an idea to start a series of podcasts talking with different people and basically what I did for the presentation and like DDLB I think their is weight in it. The 'Cahj & Collected' series, casual ideas intelligently articulated and interrogated. Maybe there's alot of weight in that?!